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Is your car’s convertible malfunctioning or torn? Would you like to upgrade your favorite toy with a one-of-a-kind cloth top? Look no further than Miller Place Auto Upholstery.

Specialty convertible tops

Add the high-end features you've always wanted

-  Foreign convertible tops

-  Classic convertible tops

-  Domestic convertible tops

-  Custom patterned convertible tops

-  State-of-the-art U.V. and weather resistant materials

-  And more

While a beautiful convertible top will enhance your vehicle's appearance, upgrading the upholstery will really complete the transformation! We specialize in classic vehicle restoration and upholstery customization.


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Convertible Tops

Our friendly, experienced team is waiting to help you create the perfect convertible top for your vehicle. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it!

We've been serving Miller Place since 1991.

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